In her own words: Sadet Karabulut MP, Politician and member of the Dutch Socialist Party – YEMEN Never Broken

In her own words: Sadet Karabulut MP, Politician and member of the Dutch Socialist Party

The worst humanitarian crisis at this moment is taking place in Yemen. The country has been at war for years, with many conflicting parties fighting at the expense of the Yemeni population. The people of Yemen have suffered so greatly it is hard to imagine what it must be like to live there. Women and men, boys and girls, elderly and youngsters. In war, everybody loses.


The facts are mind blowing. The country is exhausted and devastated. The infrastructure has been ruined. The recent cholera outbreak is one of the worst in history. Over 900.000 people were infected and almost 2.200 people died from cholera. Seven million people completely depend on foreign food aid. The schools have been closed for a long time and millions of malnourished children do not attend school. Almost one million people do not have access to clean drinking water and this number could rise to 3,2 million. Over ten thousand people have been killed by the war.


To make matters worse the coalition that is led by Saudi-Arabia has installed a blockade stopping humanitarian aid workers, medicines and goods. As the stock is small the aid workers that are present in the country will at some point be unable to do their work when they run out of medicine. This needs to end now.


The SP is fighting for recognition of the severity of the conflict by naming the Yemeni conflict as a priority in the United Nations and the immediate need for a ceasefire, a political solution and accountability for those responsible. Until this is a fact several things need to happen for which the SP has urged and I will continue to argue for. Humanitarian aid workers and their goods must gain immediate access to Yemen to enable them to do their job. To this end the blockade must be lifted without any preconditions. The European countries must stop selling weapons to the countries taking part in the coalition that are holding in place this blockade and have only worsened the situation.


The people of Yemen do not stand alone. They can count on international solidarity from the Socialist Party and we will keep fighting for peace in Yemen.